Keeping Pests Off Your Garden

If you wish to ensure that pests do not spoil your garden you would want to take certain measures. At the same time, use of chemical based pesticides would harm your plants as well as pollute the soil. Hence, you need to seek the right solutions which will keep off the harmful insects and rodents as well as ensure that your garden health is maintained.

Common garden pests

There are certain plant pests that are commonly found in most gardens. You will find pests attracted to certain plants as well as depending on the soil used or other environmental conditions that exist. Aphids for instance, attract other pests like ants and that can increase the nuisance and damage to your garden. Ants are known to be predatory in nature and can remove useful resources in your garden, especially if you allow colonies of ants to thrive in such a space.

You might not find the mouse in your garden, but other smaller insects often infest a garden. For instance, scales, slugs, whiteflies, millipedes, gnats are some of the several pests to be found in any house garden. There are certain insects that are beneficial for your garden like bees and wasps while ants can be destructive as they affect the roots when they build colonies underneath.

Natural ways to control garden pests

If you wish to resort to natural control methods you might want to prune the stems and leaves that get affected. It would also be useful to handpick and destroy the larger pests like cockroach termination. You could also try washing off or even dipping affected plant parts in hot water. Many people create a soapy water solution that acts as an effective and natural pesticide. You could also spray alcohol, or use mineral oil as spray which is known to deter different kinds of pests.

Other solutions

You could call in a professional pest control services in case the pest infestation problem in your garden has gone out of hand. You will want to get rid of wild growth and undergrowth as well as trim affected plant parts in order to control the growth of harmful insects in your garden. You will also be able to get help if you are looking to control pests inside your home as well. There are professional services that can help control bugs in your garden as well as in your home. Ensure that you ask for natural methods for pest prevention and control. This might come at a higher cost, but will be beneficial and safe for your home and garden as well.